Women Under 27


Gallery Naruyama is pleased to present a group exhibition Women Under 27 featuring new works of Atsushi Suwa,Kosuke Ikeshima, Ken and EI KANEKO as well as female figures by Sakiko Nomura and Sadao Hasegawa.
We will also exhibit Fuyuko Matsui's Nyctalopia together with its underdrawing for the first time.

Atsushi Suwa Seeing a Ridgeline (2013)

Fuyuko Matsui Underdrawing for 'Nyctalopia' (2004)

Kosuke Ikeshima Tenninzu (2013)

Opening Reception: 2013/4/27 16:00-19:00
Opening hours: 13:00-19:00
Closed on Wednesday, Sunday, Holidays