Kosuke IKESHIMA   In the Morning    Cherry and Japanese Cypress 28x11,5x7cm/29,5x8,5x5cm   2016

Kousuke IKESHIMA「Cerasus」

2016/10/17 (Mon)-11/8(Sat)

Gallery Naruyama is pleased to present Kosuke IKESHIMA’s solo show 「Cerasus」
“ Cherry tree is a symbol of Japan together with chrysanthemum. It fascinates us since ancient time and reminds us transience and delicacy also the uncertainty of life. The casual daily scenery, the meaning of words, history, culture and the material itself become the medium and affect my identity as the Japanese. I named my solo show “Cerasus” the scientific name of Cherry tree.

This exhibition contains the latest 6 wooden sculptures includes life sized one.
He captures the casual daily life of women by carving cherry woods without using a file.

1983 Born in Shizuoka, Japan
2008 Graduate from Tama Art University Sculpture Course
2010 Post Graduate from Tokyo Art University Sculpture Course
2012 Solo show “Fate” at Gallery Naruyama , Tokyo
2014 Solo show “Transience of Visions” at Gallery Naruyama, Tokyo

Kousuke IKESHIMA「Cerasus」

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