Chilling in the Summer

2009/8/17 - 9/5
15 - 19 PM(Summer Hours)

Exhibition Flyer
- Spirit Photograph from the collection of Sir Conan Doyle

A good summer ghost story is an essential part of Japanese culture; sending chills down the spine and shivers throughout the body have been a way of escaping the hot and humid summers of Japan for generations. Focusing on this distinct tradition, Gallery Naruyama puts the custom to the test.

Cool off with medical photographs from Japan in the 1920s, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s collection of spirit photographs, a rare comic strip depicting horror by Matsui Fuyuko, plus the etude for her representative painting Nyctalopia, a tableau by Yamanaka Haruo, a man who was murdered by his lover, ghosts by Yamaguchi Tsubaki, the devilish world of Joel-Peter Witkin and a new painting by Kamei Toru.


Matsui Fuyuko
Kamei Toru
Yamanaka Haruo
Yamaguchi Tsubaki
Joel-Peter Witkin
Medical Photographs from Japan in the 1920s
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s collection of spirit photographs

Joel-Peter Witkin The Wife of Cain 1981