Yoshifumi Hayashi      "The Squared Variation" Tableau and drawing

March 15 (Fri) – Aprir 20 (Sat) 2019

Vivid and fresh colors of flowers in full bloom took everyone’s breath away. However only handful people notice and taking delight in the fact that these beautiful scenes are produced by contrast between light and shade. The aesthetic sense is not absolute. It is relative and infinitely variable as is the case for “the variation of light and shade”. I’m trying to capture and express “The variable aesthetic senses”

Yoshifumi Hayashi

1948 Born in Fukuoka, Japan
1972 Dropping out Chuo University Department of Philosophy
1974 Move to Paris, in France
1976 Start drawing through self-study
Since then he has been exhibited in Europe and other countries.

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Yoshifumi Hayashi   藤花/Glycine  2019  Oil on canvas  46x38cm

Yoshifumi Hayashi   美しき人間性/La Belle Humanite'  2019  Pencil on paper  61x46cm