Ikeshima Kosuke      Fragment

November 26 (Mon) – December 22 (Sat) 2018

Gallery Naruyama is pleased to present Kosuke IKESHIMA’s solo show “Fragment”
Ikeshima brings in traditional BUSSHI techniques such as not using a file, as a result his sculptures give natural luster of woods.

“In the past I have created a sculputure inspired by a moth. I’m neither a big fan nor feel attached. By using a moth as motif, I expressed my idea of the impermanence of worldly things and a contradiction between life and death. In biological classification there is no difference between them. However they make very different impressions,I guess this is why I found some sympathy for a moth.” Kosuke Ikeshima

In this exhibition Ikeshima focus on mysterious beauties of a moth and related works. Please enjoy Ikeshima’s world created by a fusion of traditional technique and contemporary philosophy.

Kosuke Ikeshima "Fragment"
Opening reception : 11/26(Mon) 18:00-20:00

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Kosuke Ikeshima   Reminiscence  2018  樟/Camphor   H.104,5 W 34 D 47cm

Kosuke Ikeshima   #3  2018  桜/Cherry   H.4,5 W 25 D 11cm

Kosuke Ikeshima   #2  2018  檜/Cypress   H.6,5 W 27 D 11.5cm

Kosuke Ikeshima   #4  2018  桜/Cherry   H.6,5 W 18 D 10cm