Sadao Hasegawa 'Homage to Tamotsu Yato' 1991

We will be presenting a new series of drawings by Fuyuko Matsui. You will see her first works that are focusing on men.
Kosuke Ikeshima has come up with a sophisticated figure of a man that has been completed only using knives and chisels.
Atsushi Suwa and KEN are both planning to reveal their new ideas.
Sakiko Nomura has found a new model. We will also show you a photograph of a Chinese man by Cecil Beaton, an ethnological work by Tatsuji Okawa and a painful portrait of a young man by Sadao Hasegawa along with a new talent, EI KANEKO, whose works are bring existing images into something new.
The opening reception will be held on the 1st of December from 16:00-19:00.

EI KANEKO 'Untitled' 2012

Kosuke Ikeshima 'Standing Bodhidharma' 2012

KEN 'have a good time' 2012

Atsushi Suwa 'Untitled' 2012

Cecil Beaton

Diane Arbus

Pierre Molinier

Fuyuko Matsui
Atsushi Suwa
Sakiko Nomura
Kosuke Ikeshima
Sadao Hasegawa
Cecil Beaton
Tatsuji Okawa
and more