Matsui Fuyuko Exposition / Galerie Da-End

2010/6/17 - 10/30

Veal Dissection 2010 Pencil on paper

Gallery Naruyama will be involved in the opening of a new gallery, Galerie DA-END founded by Paris-based photographer Saikusa Satoshi in the Saint Germain district of Paris.
Artist Matsui Fuyuko will open the gallery with a solo exhibition starting June 17, 2010.
Matsui gathered attention with her first exhibition back in 2004, when she first exhibitied her paintings of spirits and ghosts using traditional Japanese painting techniques on silk. With anger and betrayal as a backing theme, her skillful approach through realism shocked its audience and gathered praise.

How will she be accepted in France?
We believe there to be no language nor cultural boundaries in the energy of her work.

A catalogue of the exhibition will be published including text by Christine Buci‐Glucksmann, Philippe Codognet and Nanjo Fumio.

Method of Healthy Self-Recovery 2010 Powdered mineral pigments on silk  

Galerie DA-END
17 Rue Guenegaud 7006 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 43 29 48 64 

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