Diane Arbus "Mae West : ONCE UPON OUR TIME"

Daisuke Nakashima "FLOATING"

Yugo Kohrogi "SELFPORTRAIT △"

“ NAKED MEN 1876-2016“

2016 3/17 (Thu)-3/29(Tue)

Featuring autobiographical photos from Momo Okabe, a male nude photo from Sakiko Nomura, a self nude portrait from Yugo Kohrogi, vintage photos inspired by Greek mythology from Whilhelm von Gloeden, a portrait of Yukio Mishima from Tamotsu Yato, a trans self nude photo exhibited in Yokohama Triennale 2014 from Pierre Molinier, a photo revealed the hidden side of subject from Diane Arbus and a beautiful male nude drawing from Sadao Hasegawa.
We also present the mysterious latest work from Atsushi Suwa whose documentary program will be broadcasted on TV in the near future.

“ NAKED MEN 1876-2016“

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