Makoto Orui      CERAMIC WORKS #2

February 1 (Fri) – March 2 (Sat) 2019

All of Makoto Orui’s ceramic is a unique piece, due to the unexpected and unintentional effects made by the burning and the glazing. Their imperfect shapes far from mass-products give warmth of soil. They come to life thanks to mixing his respect for the tradition and artistic experience together. They are extension of his designs and drawings.

Freelance designer. Worked as Art Director for "purple" magazine in France and "rockin’on" magazine in Japan. As a chief of Fiction Inc, he has published "SALE 2", "THE international" also distributed art books, movies and running "THE deep" gallery and club. In 2006, he moved to Paris.

In 2007, he was invited by a friend to visit a ceramics studio then started to create ceramics. He studied for 3 years the basic technique of using the big abondoned antique kerokuro (a kicking potter’s wheel) with a French woman ceramist. Thereafter he is exhibiting in Paris and Gallery Naruyama in Tokyo.

Makoto Orui "CERAMIC WORKS #2"

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Makoto Orui   Vase, stoneware, non-glazed inerior, glazed exterior with drawing  2018  pic by Alex