Pascal Mohlmann 'Speed Painting'

2013/10/4 (Fri)- 2013/10/19 (Sat)

Gallery Naruyama is pleased to present a painter, Pascal Mohlmann.
This Dutch painter currently lives in Zurich and works all around the world to create delicate portraits. However, what has caught my eye is in a seriese of his speed painting works, which include elements of photo shooting. Pascal Mohlmann will be in Tokyo for the exhibition and paint your portrait. He will also draw artists’ portrait such as Atsushi Suwa and Fuyuko Matsui.

There will be an opening reception from 17:00 on 4th of October with his live painting performance inviting Fuyuko Matsui as a model. I hope you have a chance to experience the pleasure of speed painting.

Pascal Mohlmann
Born in Hilversum, Holland in 1969.
He studies at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht and then attends the class of Jurriaan van Hall at the Amsterdam Institute of Painting to complete the MA. Since 2006, he lives and works in Zurich.

From Mona Lisa to Nefertiti, Velasquez to David, Rembrandt to Lucien Freud, it is true how portraits have fascinated people since the time immemorial regardless to the subject being celebrities or ordinary people. Perhaps that is because we find pieces of ourselves in portraits that we are attracted to. However, what happens if you become the subject, a portrait of yourself? Is it more important that you recognize a face that is familiar to you, or one that is beautified? Or the most important thing might be that you could find an indisputable part of yourself in the painting. You might be surprised to see what is revealed.

‘Gallery of Idiots’ by painter, Pascal Mohlmann, is full of such surprises. He asks models to make stupid faces that they choose. Here, he chooses not to be in control of when to press the shutter but instead, he asks models to choose the moment. In a sense, it could be understood as an intimate collaboration of the artist and models, though I believe it is far different from the conventional idea of beauty. In addition, because such expressions are meant last for only a second, models must suffer great deal of muscle aches. In order to minimize the pain, the entire procedure needs to be completed as fast as possible. Using a strong and rough brush stroke with masterly technique, Mohlmann paints as if he’s throwing something on the canvas. The entire session finishes within 30 minutes. I believe that the fact that there’s a delicacy in dynamic image that his paintings present is one of the characteristics of this series. Mohlmann seems to be able to bring something that stays subconsciously inside of one’s body to the surface. He sees over man’s façade and touches the soul to capture the moment. Sometimes, the way he does it is so precise that you get a chance to see a new side of yourself.

Anna von Senger, Journalist

Pascal Mohlmann Speed Painting
2013/10/4 (Fri)- 2013/10/19 (Sat)
Opening reception: 2013/10/4 (Fri) 17:00-20:00
Pascal Mohlmann will perform a live painting during these hours

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Akimitsu 2013 Oil on canvas 25.0×25.0 cm