Sadao Hasegawa 1978-1983

2014 8/28 (Thu)-9/13(Sat)

Gallery Naruyma is pleased to present an exhibition " Sadao Hasegawa 1978-1983".
Sadao Hasegawa (1945-1999) is a peculier artist who was publishing art works in gay art scene.
According to recent revival movements of 70's and 80's as well as gay liberation movements
his art works are recognized again.
In fact art works of western gay artists such as " Tom of Finland" are sold at high prices by big auction houses for last ten years.
Sadao's art works express sensualities of minority and illusions of sectet rooms. This is a visionary art that Japanese art scene boasts to the world.
This exhibition presents his art works from late 70's to early 80's, giving pulsations of techno pop music from 80's.

A catalogue of this exhibition is available.

Sadao Hasegawa 1978-1983
2014 8/28 (Thu)-9/13(Sat)
There is an opening reception on 8/28 from 18:00 to 20:00

Gallery Naruyama
Matsuoka Kudan Building #205, 2-2-8 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0074
Hours: 13:00-19:00
Closed on Wednesday, Sunday, Holiday

Sadao Hasegawa「Untitled」(1978)

sadao Hasegawa「Untitled」(1976)

Sadao Hasegawa「Untitled」(1976)

Sadao Hasegawa「Untitled」(1979)

Sadao Hasegawa「Make Up」(1980)

Sadao Hasegawa「Untitled」(early 1980's)

Sadao Hasegawa「Untitled」(early 1980's )