9/18(Tue)-10/6(Sat) 2012

From ANONYMOUS 2012 Gelatin Silver Print

Gallery Naruyama is pleased to present ANONYMOUS by photographer Issi Suda.
He is the one I have long admired. He always succeeds in coming up with extraordinary images by dealing with his point of view towards ordinary people's life which could sometimes be hateful for most Japanese.

Once a philosopher said that 'beauty has a life on its appearance'. We all know that we are bound to images without questioning if the images are actually beautiful. I believe that all the images like advertising and statues are fake. They are meant to be seen by people and that is how they keep their existence. I have kept being trapped by this trick over and over and the reason why I cannot stop is because it makes me think as if theres something more than what they actually are. It is true that such images can take over the reality. And I believe that the power is hidden in everything that surrounds us in our daily life and trying to get a chance to conquer the reality.

Summer, 2012

Issei Suda

Please come by and bring friends to celebrate this discovery of a new image.

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