SUWA ATSUSHI To Live or to Die, We Share the Same Fate

6 / 9(Thurs)〜 7 / 16(Sat) 2011

Image board for portrait Naruyama Akimitsu

Gallery Naruyama is pleased to present painter Suwa Atsushi, often unjustly discriminated as a painter of “realism”.

Can Suwa really be categorized as a conventional “realism” painter?
His thorough investigations of his subjects combined with transcendent technique have never been considered beyond the field of realism.

While the first half of the exhibition until 6/23 will be centered around Suwa's intricate portraits,
the second half starting 6/24 until 7/16 will feature yet a new painting measuring almost 2 meters in width, plus a self-portrait.

Suwa Atsushi
Born 1967, Hokkaido, Japan.
Graduated from Musashino Art University in 1992.
Works in Spain for 2 years starting in 1994 with a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan. Past exhibitions include a solo show at the Sato Museum (2008) and paintings of dancer Ohno Kazuo at the Gallery Milieu (2007, 2009).


Eating Flower 652 × 530 mm 2011 Oil on canvas