"GRAFFITI" Gallery Naruyama Official Zine
Photo: Chikashi Suzuki
Design : Satoshi Suzuki
Publisher: Gallery Naruyama 2015
Signed by the artists
Limited edition 100 copies
210 x 297 mm
12 Pages 22 Images

JPY 3.000(available)

Sadao Hasegawa

Sadao Hasegawa 1978-1983
Publisher: Gallery Naruyama 2014
210 x 297 mm
18 Pages 48 Images

JPY 1.000(available)

Suwa Atsushi

Can't see anything anyway
Publisher: Kyuryudo Art Publishing Co.,Ltd. 2011
Signed by the artist
300 x 228 mm
160 Pages

JPY 4.104(available)

Matsui Fuyuko

Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World - Limited Edition 1000 copies
Publisher: editions treville 2013
Signed by the artist
240 x 240 mm
216 Pages
JPY 6.480(available)

Matsui Fuyuko

Official exhibition catalogue
Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World
Publisher: editions treville 2011
230 x 230 mm
191 Pages

JPY 3,000(available)

Dr.Ikkaku Ochi Collection

Medical Photographs from the Meiji Era

Publisher:SCALO 2004
Text:Naruyama Akimitsu, Anna von Senger Ishida Sumio
130 x 210 mm
216 Pages Hardcover


FREAKS From the Collection of Naruyama Akimitsu

Text:Ito Toshiharu
220 x 180 mm
191 Pages Softcover
Italian Edition・Portuguese Edition・Dutch Edition

Dimitri Horta

Dedicated to the Line

Publisher:Neuer Kunst und Medienverlag Zurich 2001
215 x 145 mm
64 Pages Hardcover

JPY 4,600(available)

Wilhelm von Gloeden

Exhibition Leaflet
Text: Takahashi Mutsuo (poet)
25 Images
Limited 1000 Copies